I was working on a project that we had to develop innovative software for the design of craft structures that will enable the analysis of structural responses and suitability based on numerical analysis methods. It was a great opportunity to learn lots of new things and how real work is. Also, I learned how to work with other people and cooperate in order to get the job done.

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Life was much cheaper than in my country. The accommodation(Ante Starcevic) was fairly good and the people in the administration very helpful. Also, the people I met in Zagreb was very friendly. I was travelling a lot on the bus. I really liked it because it was organised and on time. I have made long trips but I was enjoying. There is a trick when it comes to bus stops. There are buses that stop too many places and they used to take much more hours. I have made many friends in Zagreb from all over the world. I was surprised when I met so many great people and they were united. We used to go for drinks, walks, they made events(like paintball, parties) and I was enjoying my time with them. Every one of them different and special. But more importantly, the people in IAESTE Zagreb were incredible. Honestly, it was my first time staying alone in a foreign country and they make me feel like home. They helped me a lot and I don't know how to pay them back. Lastly, the food was AMAZING. I tried many restaurants and different varieties of food and I was stunned. The beer is much cheaper than my country(in Zagreb=20-25 kuna, around 3 euro----in my country 5 euro at least).


After this internship, I can say I see life differently. I saw new places, met different people and learn tons of new things. I have gained experience not only in the working part but also in my social life. I learn how to adapt in different environments, how to treat people and to be patient. Also, I've stopped concerning myself on things that are not important and emphasize on the important things. The view of my studies didn't change. I just found out that what I am studying can be used in many different kinds of jobs and that I can also continue my studies with a different Master degree so I can expand my scope of knowledge.

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