My project was an EMG controlled Arm exoskeleton, its a rehabilitation device interfaced with virtual reality to help patients with a weak arm which may be caused by paralysis, partial stroke or an accident. This project exposed me to a different side of my course and introduced me to a little bit of biotechnology.

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My accommodation was wonderful it standardly outweighed my expectations. I had an amazing time with the Indian locals and my fellow interns from all over the world, I visited a lot of interesting places, this includes one of their biggest temples the Isha temple, their central museums and some beautiful waterfalls. Numerous social events were organized by IAESTE Karunya, the biggest was the international evening which featured local meal preparation from all interns and a nice Indian dance presentation which I had a lot of fun rehearsing. Their delicacies where different from Nigerian food but I found some I really enjoyed the samosa for example. I got the opportunity to meet all lot of nice people and acquire so many wonderful contacts which I know will be helpful to me in the future.


From the very beginning of this program to the end, I realised that with patience and hard work I can achieve all I set my mind to because I encountered a lot of setbacks during my preparation but in all, it was worth it. Travelling outside Nigeria for the first time I also realised that all people even with the difference in culture, language and religion are the same. This program opens my eyes to many parts of my course of study which I never knew of, I hope I will be able to continue in the pursuit of the knowledge I got from this training.

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