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IAESTE for Universities

Practical experience abroad for your students

Since 1948 IAESTE has been working closely with universities all over the world to help provide valuable work experience to undergraduates. Universities play a central role in both promoting our opportunities to their students but also by providing reciprocal traineeships to students from other countries. IAESTE operates on a reciprocal basis, meaning that for every opportunity you can provide to an international student, one of yours will be offered the opportunity to undertake work experience in another country.


In many countries IAESTE is very closely connected to a university and can sometimes be based there. This means that your students can also gain useful volunteering experience by joining an IAESTE committee and participating in their activities. For those countries that are not currently members of the IAESTE network, we can offer the opportunity to join us as a cooperating institution, enabling you participate in the IAESTE Exchange on an institutional basis.


How to get involved:


Get in touch with IAESTE office in your country, or if there is no IAESTE office in your country yet - get in touch through the contact form.

What IAESTE offers

Universities play a huge role in IAESTE, by promoting the programme to their students and offering traineeships to international trainees. Through the IAESTE exchange programme students may secure international paid course-related training for periods of between 6 weeks to a year.



Traineeships for undergraduates in science, engineering, technology and architecture. Course-related work in industry, research institutions and the public sector


Enrich your student's employability with international experience

An IAESTE traineeship can not only provide valuable work experience but also increase the employability of your students. Trainees often return from training with increased confidence and a renewed enthusiasm for their studies.


IAESTE placements are a stepping stone to recruiting high calibre graduates for your Masters or PhD programmes

IAESTE students are highly motivated, hand-picked and resourceful

For every placement provided within your institution, one of your students can apply to go abroad

IAESTE takes care of accommodation, visas, work permits and provides a social programme for trainees

Provide your students with valuable international work experience to improve their skills and confidence

Recruit staff for your international research programmes through the IAESTE exchange programme

Huge worldwide network

Universities play a huge role in IAESTE, by promoting the programme to their students and offering traineeships to international trainees.

Join the IAESTE Network

If you're interested in joining the IAESTE Network, either by sending your trainees, offering internships, or becoming a member (if there isn't currently one in your country) please get in touch via the contact form below.


President of University of Tehran, Iran, Professor Ahmad Nili

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