How it works

Students from non-member countries can apply for the internships found on this website (Please follow the steps outlined below) and in many cases, employers can still offer internships.

Step 1 - Sign up to our Exchange PlatformArrow dropdown

Register on our exchange platform as usual but when selecting 'the country you study in', choose 'Non-Member Country'.


Step 2 - Complete your profileArrow dropdown

Complete your profile on the Exchange Platform and submit it for verification.


Step 3 - Pay registration feeArrow dropdown

You will be sent details of how to pay the registration fee. Once you have paid it you will be allowed to apply for internships.


Step 4 - NominationArrow dropdown

Once you have completed all preceding steps you can apply for the available internships found on this website and you will be guided through the nomination process.


Step 5 - Acceptance & DepartureArrow dropdown

Once the nomination is completed and uploaded to the EP, it will be shared with the receiving country and the employer. The receiving IAESTE committee or the employer might want to conduct an interview with the student. Unless students were contacted by the receiving committee or employer directly, they are not allowed to contact them. If they do, they might be excluded from the IAESTE internship programme. Once the nomination has been shared with the receiving committee, the student should receive the final decision in max. 8 weeks. If not, they are allowed to cancel their nomination and apply for another internship. Once accepted, the students should follow the instructions of the receiving committee. They should confirm their wish to undertake the internship within 2 weeks. If a visa or work permit is required, they should start the process as soon as possible. All students are required to purchase health insurance which covers their free time during the duration of their internship. Students are asked to submit their arrival details on time so that the receiving country can make all necessary arrangements to welcome them.


Step 6 - During & after internshipArrow dropdown

IAESTE supports the intern during the internship by helping with the reception and also organising the social events. In case of any problems they can always reach us for some tips or in case of emergency. After the internship they'll be asked to complete a feedback form to help us to evaluate their internship as we are always trying to improve our performance and reach the highest standards. The report should be submitted within 4 months after the end of the internship. Afterwards, they will be issued with a certificate that confirms their participation in the programme


Get in touch with IAESTE

If you are a student from a non-member country and you have any questions you can contact us and we'll do our best to help.

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