General process to apply for an IAESTE internship

Each country has its own processes and procedures, yet generally they all follow the steps as outlined here. If you are a student from a country that is not currently a member of IAESTE, then follow the steps as outlined here.

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Step 1

Find an internship

Search our open internships and register on our Exchange Platform to see others available to you and apply!

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Step 2

Get in contact with your IAESTE committee

Once registered and approved, your national committee will guide you through the application process.

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Step 3

Be accepted by the employer

Once you've been selected by your committee you will prepare your documents which will be forwarded to the employer.

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Step 4

Go on your dream internship

Once accepted by the employer, you will receive all the necessary information needed to start your dream internship!

Documents Required

Below you can find the basic documents required for your IAESTE application. Some countries will require additional documents and you will be informed if this is the case.
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Cover Letter

A good cover letter should reference the internship/company, state the reasons why you want to intern at that specific employer, why you think you are a good candidate.

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Curriculum Vitae

You will need an up-to-date CV that includes any work or professional experience you may have had.

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List of degree course modules

A list of your degree course modules for each of your university years. These do not have to be an official transcript unless specifically requested by the employer.

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Certificate of enrollment

In order to confirm your student status, you will need to provide an official certificate of enrollment from your university.

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Proof of insurance

All IAESTE interns are required to have suitable insurance to cover them for the period of their internship. IAESTE recommends our partner, Swisscare's Student Pass insurance which is designed for students doing internships. You can get a quote here.


Am I eligible for an internship?

IAESTE provides primarily STEM internships, however we expand to other fields, such as marketing, management and languages.

You must be currently enrolled or a recent graduate (up to one year) on a Bachelor's, Master's degree or PhD at the time of application. 

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