Why was IAESTE set up?

In the aftermath of World War II, a new spirit pervaded the world: a desire for international understanding and co-operation. It was this spirit that brought forth both the United Nations (UN) and IAESTE, organisations dedicated to promoting these objectives. Today we believe that students with international experience are the key to tackling today's global challenges.
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International internships are increasing 

Between 1948 - 2021, IAESTE offered 369 839 internships to students from STEM fields across the world.
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IAESTE registers as a non-profit association

In 2005 the era of being an ad-hoc organisation finished and IAESTE was formally registered as a non-profit association in Luxembourg. This triggered the launch of international IT tools and the transformation of the leadership structure of the association.
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200,000 internships to celebrate International Youth Year

On the occasion of the start of the UN's International Youth Year, IAESTE took pride in announcing their 200,000th exchanged student. Up to today, IAESTE has changed the lives of over 368,000 students. In May 1983 seven IAESTE exchange students met their nations’ leaders during the Williamsburg Economic Summit (G7).
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IAESTE was founded

Ten European countries met in January 1948 at the initiative of the Imperial College Vacation Work Committee, London led by Mr James Newby and hoped to change the lives of the young people through an international exchange programme.
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IAESTE is growing and expanding

IAESTE is expanding by welcoming new partners and cooperating institutions to the IAESTE family. As of now, we have developed active partnerships with 60 countries and 24 cooperating institutions.  
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Remote internships connect students and employers

When the whole world stopped, we kept connecting students and employers worldwide via the IAESTE Remote Internships programme. Hundreds of students enhanced their remote working skills and gained professional work experience in an international environment. Today, the IAESTE mission to promote international understanding is as needed as when IAESTE was established.
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The founding of IAESTE Alumni Network

The Friends of IAESTE Network created along with the FOiN platform, which was the precursor of the social media we use today. Our active alumni community includes over 19,000 members.
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IAESTE expands to all continents

By 1972 IAESTE is present in 42 countries, 22 of which are located outside Europe. The yearly internship exchange rate has now arrived at almost 7000 students.

IAESTE 's values

In IAESTE we are committed to fostering international understanding and impacting the development of young people through international exchange.   Our core values of Trust - in each other and our mission, Growth - providing a learning environment, Commitment - we don’t just say it, we DO it, Friendship - building lifelong, global friendships and Diversity - IAESTE is for EVERYONE, serves as a foundation for our strong organisational culture and as the principles that guide all our work and daily activities.  

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