Common Questions about IAESTE Internships

Here you can find some answers to the most common questions we are asked. If you have a question that is not answered here, you can contact your national committee and they will be happy to help you.

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How can my university/department join IAESTE? Arrow dropdown

If your university wishes to participate in IAESTE you should contact your national office (LINK). If your country is not a member then you can request information on becoming a cooperating institution of IAESTE by emailing (EMAIL ADDRESS).

Which countries currently participate in IAESTE? Arrow dropdown

You can find a list of the countries currently participating in IAESTE here (LINK).

How can my students get an IAESTE internship? Arrow dropdown

Students can register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform here (LINK) and contact their national or local office for further information (LINK)

How can I offer an internship at my university for a foreign IAESTE intern? Arrow dropdown

If you wish to offer an internship to a foreign student in your department, you can register on our Exchange Platform (LINK) and contact your national or local IAESTE office here (LINK)

What are the costs involved in providing an internship at my university/department? Arrow dropdown

As a minimum, you will need to pay the student a salary/stipend that covers their accommodation, food and local travel (we call this a cost of living allowance). Students are responsible for paying their own international travel costs. Some countries charge employers a fee for recruiting an IAESTE intern and you can contact them for further details here (LINK)

Does IAESTE provide a social programme for interns? Arrow dropdown

In most cases, a social programme will be provided by the local or national IAESTE committee. In some cases, due to logistics or geographical difficulties, it may not be possible, but interns are always put in touch with other IAESTE interns in the country.

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