Common questions about IAESTE internships

Here you can find some answers to a few of the most common questions we are asked in relation to IAESTE. If your question isn't answered here, please feel free to contact us using the contact form!

Who is eligible for an IAESTE internship?Arrow dropdown

To undertake an IAESTE internship you must be enrolled in a degree course relating to the study field of the internship you wish to apply for. Some IAESTE countries require you to have completed 2 years of your course before undertaking an IAESTE internship.

What study fields are eligible for an IAESTE internship?Arrow dropdown

The vast majority of our internships are in science, engineering and applied arts fields (architecture/design) but we do sometimes have internships relevant to other fields (business, marketing etc.)

How long are IAESTE internships? Arrow dropdown

IAESTE internships range anywhere from 6 weeks to a year. Many are for 20-months during the summer but internships are available all year round.

What countries are members of IAESTE? Arrow dropdown

You can see the full list of countries


Are IAESTE internships paid? Arrow dropdown

All IAESTE on-site internships are paid a cost of living allowance which as a minimum will cover your accommodation, foods and local travel. Some remote internships may offer alternative arrangements and these will be stated in the internship information.

Does IAESTE offer scholarships? Arrow dropdown

No, we do not provide scholarships, payment for all our internships comes from your internship employer.

Can I still apply if my country is not a member of IAESTE? Arrow dropdown

Yes, you can apply as a non-member country student, click on the button for further information.

Non member countries

Do I have to pay a fee? Arrow dropdown

There is usually a registration and/or a participation fee. Each country will have its own fee arrangements and you can contact them to find out the fees for your specific country here

Do I have to arrange my own accommodation? Arrow dropdown

No, the national or local committee in the country you are visiting will arrange accommodation for you and you will be provided with the details in advance.

What type of accommodation will be provided? Arrow dropdown

This very much depends on the country and local situation. It could be anything from student dorms to being hosted by a family.

What happens if I need a visa or work permit? Arrow dropdown

If you require a visa or work permit to undertake your internship then you will be provided with all the information you need to apply for it.

Will I be with other students on my internship? Arrow dropdown

In most cases, there will be other IAESTE or local students around during the period of your internship. If there is not, then you will still be integrated into your work’s network, so you will not be alone.

Will there be a social programme during my internships? Arrow dropdown

In many cases (especially if your internship is in the summer, there will be some form of social programme, giving you the opportunity to explore the country of your internship and meet other IAESTE students from around the world. If there is not a social programme, or it’s outside of the summer, then you will still be put in contact with other interns in your area/country so you can make your own arrangements to meet up and plan trips.

Does my internship include an insurance?Arrow dropdown

IAESTE recommends to be covered during your trip/internship. As one of the available options, you can use Swisscare Insurance to have a worry-less experience.

Swisscare Insurance

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