Who are IAESTE volunteers?

IAESTE volunteers join the IAESTE family and contribute to the successful running of our exchange programme. They can also learn new skills that will enhance their CV in the process. Volunteers fill a number of important roles. such as exchange administration, events management, finance, marketing, and IT.
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Kevin, LC Erlangen (Germany)

I am responsible for marketing and social media, sending students abroad as well as making sure that the LC keeps going. I have gained soft skills such as taking over responsibility, two amazing internships abroad, several IAESTE events and many new friends all over the world.

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Parikalp, IAESTE India

I am responsible for carrying out small important tasks, updating databases, taking minutes, providing new ideas and suggestions. My communication skills have improved drastically. I have learnt how an international organisation works, improving my professional skills. Along with this, I've also learnt skills like micromanagement, event planning etc.

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Barbera, LC Leoben, Austria

I am the president of our Local Committee in Leoben so I'm in charge of inviting people to team meetings, moderating the meetings and representing our committee in front of other committees and the University of Leoben. Because of IAESTE, I have been able to travel a lot, for example to Poland, Greece, Slovenia and even Vietnam. I made a lot of unforgettable memories and also gained a good amount of professional skills when talking to different companies in order to manage our international exchange.

How IAESTE can change your life

Being a part of IAESTE is being part of something bigger than just one person. You will be joining a global network of students and volunteers, dedicated to facilitating international student exchange, and of course, you may also go on an internship yourself.
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Become international

With IAESTE you are not limited to the local work. In our network we have hundreds of volunteers sharing your interests and willing to cooperate to work on IAESTE mission and values.

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Build up your skills

IAESTE is a great opportunity to prepare yourself for the future career. With us you can not only learn how to work on the international level, but also build up your presentation skills, event management, HR, IT and PR knowledge. Everyone will find something for themselves and will get the opportunity to fulfill in what they like best!

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Make dreams come true

IAESTE gives you opportunity to contribute to making dreams come true. It is a wonderful feeling when you know that thanks to you, someone is doing their desired internship. Be part of a team dedicated to helping others!

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Make friends

In IAESTE friendship is the one of our core values. Through our joint work and mission, our volunteers make life-long friendships around the world!

What it involves

Being a volunteer for IAESTE means being passionate about international exchange. There are many possible roles and development opportunities, depending on the needs of your national or local committee. Get in touch with them to find out how you can get involved!
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Join a committee

Many IAESTE committees are entirely run by student volunteers and others work with volunteers on specific events like summer reception. You can become part of a national or local committee and gain new skills and experiences in the process. Contact them directly to learn how you can get involved.
Contact your committee
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Organise events

Get involved in organising IAESTE's famous social programme for interns and create amazing events!
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Learn new skills

Volunteering with IAESTE means developing new skills. You could be an exchange manager, events organiser, finance officer, and many more!
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Volunteer with IAESTE

IAESTE volunteers are mostly students. Join IAESTE to do a meaningful work for a good cause, while building your skills. It also brings socialising and plenty of fun.
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