In this internship, I got the opportunity to work in a startup; which I have always been eager to experience. Open and flexible structures, more responsibility on members and multiple tasks assigned which enhances you to handle busy schedules. Every morning, we had standup meetings, where everyone would sum up his progress, duties, and tasks to follow-up that day. The progression of a startup is unbelievably quick! I could easily see the difference in the performance and vision of the team and the product in the first month, compared to my last month! At, we were 6, and the cool thing was the average age of the team! Guess what?! We were all between 21-27! A very fresh and energetic working atmosphere in a unique startup-designed office! I was in the marketing team, working on different sections during my internship: Competitive analysis, content generation, email marketing, business development through LinkedIn, and finally video marketing which was the output of my internship. During the whole period, I got to know about these topics in a more practical way which led me to new skills! In the end, I was happy to receive the job offer once again from my employer, to continue my work there. Besides these, each couple of weeks we had team events which were great to keep up everyone fresh and have some fun together! Thanks to the team for this amazing experience!

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Have you heard rumours about Belgian waffles, chocolates, and fries ?? They are true! Great opportunity to try them during my stay! And when it comes to the fries, there is a high competition in "frituur"s in Belgium, providing different fry qualities! Believe me, it's a very serious topic here :) Ghent! This lovely city..! I would easily say Ghent is one of my favourite cities in my life, among all the different countries which I have visited. The city centre and old town, the buildings and architecture, the river crossing through the city, students and the young generation, etc. are just perfect! Small, calm, cosy and very nice views of the city! Besides, the infrastructure of the city is well designed for biking, so you can see everyone with a bike in Ghent. It's just so easy and enjoyable to bike in the city! Biking to work every day, gave me this habit to continue it while I am back in my home country! Thanks to IAESTE Ghent LC, we had different events during the weekdays and weekends with all other interns. International evenings, Kayaking, gamings, etc. Each time, having lots of fun and memories with each other, which we would talk about them again and again! Making new friendships from Africa, South America, Europe, and Asia is always nice! Very happy to have all these new friends :)


Sticking to my place is what I have always tried to avoid! Travelling around, getting to know about new cultures, seeing new industries and how they operate, inspires me. I believe gaining these new experiences, opens new doors in your life and brings you new opportunities. Especially since it is not just a short touristic trip. You will get the chance to work and live with local people, other interns, ... for a couple of months! Personally, this internship broadened my vision in my field, since I got the chance to work in a startup (apart from the new skills which I gained, a valuable addition to my resume). I chose this offer specifically, because of this reason. Now I have a better sense of how I can run my own business/ideas and grow them. I cannot believe how fast it passed these 3 months, just in a blink of an eye! The Belgian chapter in my life story and all new changes happened there in my personal life, will remain unforgotten... "Fall seven times and stand up eight..." Challenge your life with IAESTE :)

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