I developed a website to recollect data. I worked with many programming languages as html, css and php. It didn't have too much impact on me because I expected to work also with Machine Learning, which was the difficult part of the project. However, my supervisor, didn't give me the necessary tools to work on this part, so I ended a little bit disappointed.

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Although the work wasn't as good as expected, the experience was really amazing. I met people from every part of the world, which allows you to learn about different cultures. Being 24 hours per day with them gives you the opportunity to share many things and make really good friends as if they were lifelong friends. I came across people who wanted to know you, which makes easy to become close to someone else. In my case, I didn't like too much the food of the country, Tunisia, but it's always positive to try new food. Besides, your friends, remember that they are from every part of the world, can show you their cuisine and there will be one with which you will fall in love. But believe me that food doesn't make the experience unforgettable. Not even the trips, that in my case, the Tunisian people organised many for the trainees. What makes it unforgettable is socialising with so many people. Human relations, at least for me, is the best you can experience with an IAESTE opportunity.


My internship in Tunisia didn't change my point of view on studies. To be honest, I didn't learn many technical things related to what I'm studying. But I don't care, because my feeling after having done the internship, is of absolute pride. I felt that I take advantage of my stay there, and I really grew up as a person, which is the much more important than any other thing. Maybe this is what always everybody says, but in my case, it's true, and I'm going to explain why. I didn't know anything about the Tunisian culture, about their religion, etc.. and I had some prejudices that they were false. Sometimes the media sell us an image of the country that doesn't correspond. I really changed in this aspect. It was a good teaching for me seeing that different people are not so different from us. After this, I have wondered many things about how would be my life in their country, if I could get used to their way of living,... And the end, if I would be happy as a clam living there. If you response is yes, you definetely did the right thing picking up the suitcase and living the experience.

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