Internship in the KABAM (Akkim Boron Based Materials And High Technology Chemicals Research And Application Center) gave me an extraordinary possibility to explore new aspects of focusing on the boron chemistry. The program started with the training of devices and lectures in the inorganic chemistry laboratory along with health, safety & environment training. Then my first weeks were assigned for literature research on Boron Nitride and its preparation works, along with I have also prepared some Environment, Health and Safety documentation for the institute. Later on, I have worked on two main projects ‘synthesis of boron nitride with boron 10 isotope’ and ‘synthesis of corrosion-resistant ram powder’. I have understood the working conditions of a typical laboratory which involves preparation, synthesis, and analysis. I have also learned various analytical techniques like XRD, IR, and Raman spectroscopic measurements. The working environment in the laboratory is what I liked the most, allowing everyone to expand his thinking ability and to work flexibly.

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Daily life in KOC University is a lot of fun. I had a lot of international friends in the dorms, after work we used to play in the sports centre and then we used to hang around inside the city. Istanbul is a beautiful place with an agglomeration of all the cultures and it is a place where one can enjoy eating a lot of different varieties of food throughout a day. IAESTE Turkey organized a two-day trip to Cappadocia, it was a memorable trip where the organizers managed to take 100 interns from Istanbul. IAESTE turkey also organized an international night in Istanbul were interns made their countries special food and then had their respective stalls for serving their dishes. Apart from this, IAESTE turkey had club meetings on Friday night where the usual meetups used to happen.


I cherish the memories of my stay in Istanbul. People, Culture and food were always there for me that made me so happy. I was mentally so calm and stable during my stay there. Istanbul is now a beautiful chapter in my life.

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