My internship started one week later than my colleagues in Poland. We met at our accommodation on Sunday. So we went to the university on Monday together. I met my IAESTE coordinator and supervisor. All programs I saw were online application in PHP. My first task was to copy the Koha system and after that make changes to the main page. The second task was to implement Google Analytics. So during my internship, I made 2 courses of Google analytics and after that I implemented it.

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The accommodation was close to the university in a local family. Just a few of them could speak English, but we had the opportunity to see their daily life. We were sleeping three in one room sharing shower, kitchen and living room with everyone. (It was better then I expected the accommodation before I came). We made trips on our own, I was in Zanzibar, watching football at the national stadium, hiking in Morogoro and climbing Kilimanjaro during the internship. After the internship, I made also safari. University is based on distance learning, so students are studying mostly at home. But everyone are very friendly. I found friends at university and neighbours also. About food, I love street-food, spicy and differences. There are a lot of local restaurants and street ??? with food. Usually rice, chips, eg., fish, meat, ugali, ...


Coming to Africa was my dream for a long time. I like to explore a simple life. In Europe, we have a lot of dream, activities, knowledge. But here I saw people at a small shop working every day. Most of them don't know how to swim even they live close to the sea, but their life is full of happiness. Every day they were playing football in front of the university in the big parking area. So first everyone had to go away with the car and then a lot of people around were also looking. I tried a few times to play with them. But I was afraid of injures. They are very good and generally, football in Tanzania contains more tackles. In combination with the urban surface.

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