My work was a research and development of Turbo Jet Engine construction and thermo-gas propulsion. I detailed each component with its principle of work, its types, its thermo-gas cycle and its development. I also designed turbojet engine with its component using SolidWorks software.

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I stayed in a hotel near to the college. I met a lot of kind people from the college, the hotel and the street. I got many friends and I visited their towns and their families. I went to nice places and I had a lot of fun. I saw very nice views of rivers, landscape. Imagine the most beautiful thing in your mind. Maybe girls. Maybe green plains...maybe moonlit night. But you will find another story of beauty in Bangladesh. It is like a part of paradise. Allah blesses it by the wonderful views. The sky hugs the ground by the blueness and the rain. And the ground hugs the sky by the green trees and the kind people. I mean it when I said 'the kind people'. You will find a different level of kindness in Bangladeshi people. They shake hearts with you before hands. They open their hearts for you before their homes. You don't need to ask them for help because their hands are always outstretched for you. Their smiles raced their talking. In short, they are the teachers of kindness.


I applied my knowledge in the reality and I found differences between the theories and the real work so l added another perspective of an engineering sense in my results. I felt enjoying when I designed jet engine.

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