I did nucleic acid extraction and purification from blood samples. In addition, I performed RT-qPCR assays for gene expression.

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I was living in a dormitory. Every day I was using the tram to get to work and some times the bike. I really like biking. Lodz has a lot of bicycle roads to move around. After work, I usually made lunch with other roommates from the IAESTE programme. Sometimes we also travel together. The most beautiful journey was in Krakow where we booked an entire hostel room, for around 10 people just for ourselves. The food in Poland was delicious. There are restaurants called milkbar where you can eat traditional homemade food for a very cheap price. 


While abroad, I learnt a lot about myself and what I needed. The most important for me, it seems is freedom and friendship. I really enjoyed having my own place to live, taking care of it, being independent and actually arrange your days. It makes you feel mature. I was having friends cooking together, helping each other. I study where I live so it is something that I don't usually do. During our trips, we also visited Auschwitz. I was the strongest experience in my life so far. It puts you in so many thoughts and it teaches you benevolence and respect for human life. I will never forget also the bath I did in the Baltic coast and the beautiful city of Wroclaw. This internship was the last academic exchange I m going to have because I graduate in a few months, I really wanted to count.

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