After I came to university I met my supervisor. I introduced myself and based on my experiences, he gave me three possible projects to choose. I chose robot navigation in building. They had already implemented an algorithm to calculate the shortest path between multiple rooms. So I supposed to use this algorithm and make a graphic simulation of robot movements on the map with a timeline. The project was written in Java language. I didn't have any experiences with this language, but I had enough time to learn and do it. We had meetings every week and presentation about our project ones a month.

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The accommodation was on the university campus, close to the place, where we were working. University is in very good conditions, AC everywhere, multiple cafeterias on campus. Also, gym, swimming pool, climbing boulder, football, volleyball and tennis court were inside the campus. So you can join local groups and play some sports with them. Every canteen has different food, you had always multiple options. They were trying to cook their food but also offer one western meal. I like sports and without the ball, it is impossible. The city centre is far from campus and it was hard for me to find ball, but the cheapest and best option is to order online (local students can help you). During months July and August there were program IAESTE and "Spike@UNIST" and every foreigner had one local student as a buddy. It makes a group of around 40 students. Almost every weekend university organized trip around South Korea for us. We get great experiences and unforgettable memories. This awesome group of students always organized some one-day trips, went outside or explore the city around.


South Korea and Slovakia (from where I came) are very different countries. Different habits, view of life, culture, religion, free time activities... I recommend this experience for everyone. The idea to travel there as the only student from my home country is a great idea. I met there a lot of different students. After two years I am in contact with some of them

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