I was a quality assurance engineer handling engine component deviations with international suppliers. My main task was to analyze the faulty engine components found at the assembly line, establish the root cause and claim them to our suppliers to find a solution together. The fact that we were responsible for all the engine components allowed me to work with many different deviations and products and a large range of suppliers from all over the world. I especially developed my analytical, problem-solving and communication skills to a very high level with a great focus on quality which impacted on the way I do things now in other companies.


I lived in a single room apartment with all necessary appliances in a building close by the company. In the same building, there were other IAESTE interns as well as interns from other programs that were also working at Scania. We met almost every day and hang out on the weekends. I had a very rich social life as I made two Swedish friends from work during my first two weeks. I was extremely lucky because they got to show me the city and the Swedish way, as well as I, started to learn my first words in that language. Scania had many perks for its employees and I enjoyed being part of the kayaking group where we took on kayak trips around the lake whenever we wanted. In the company there was a canteen you could access to for a fairly cheap price, otherwise, you could bring your own home-cooked meal. The good thing about Sweden is that they have lots of healthy food and eco stuff.


It was the most amazing experience ever. For the first time in my life I was living by myself and in a totally foreign country with a fairly different culture and a totally new language. I've learned how to be responsible and independent, how to be open for new ways of seeing and doing things, to take any opportunity that was given to me and so on.

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