I worked on the design of a photonic crystal-based biosensor for the early detection of cancerous cell. This was of immense impact because I was completely new to the field of bioengineering and so, therefore, had to stretch my self to fully grasp the principles in this field. This also gave me the opportunity to appreciate the knowledge I had in communication engineering and how it can be applied in solving problems even in medicine. When I returned to my country for my final year, I was so excited about what I had learnt at JECRC University that I undertook my final year thesis on the same subject.

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India is no doubt a very amazing place to visit. The accommodation was excellent for many reasons: it was on campus, it was clean and had all the necessary facilities such as a gym and all. I love soccer so much, the University had a good soccer pitch and the students were very welcoming. The IAESTE local committee made the program more memorable, teaching the foreign interns Indian slangs and Bollywood songs. I sure made a lot of friends and contacts and we still communicate with each other. Also, the Nigerian national committee was very supportive all through my internship. They always ensured efficiency in the delivery of their service even though they lack good support from the government and other bodies. IAESTE gave me a new family and the bond we had was strong. The food at first appeared quite strange for me. I come from a largely non-veg country and so it was quite difficult-staying without meat in India, but I later got to appreciate the veg nature of the Indians after a while, even though I still love meat😂.


I now run a company in Nigeria (@doubleyouinitiative on Instagram) focused on providing a satisfying and delightful learning experience for young people. I got the idea to start this during my internship. I saw the advancement India was making in science, engineering and technology and I wanted the same in my country. I observed how electronic components were recycled and used to make other equipment in the university and I thought to myself: this can be done in Africa. I then prepared a proposal and shared or pitched the idea to the IAESTE local committee and the encouragement I received was a major springboard for me. Before my graduation this year(2019) from the University, I had set up the organisation and it is currently registered. We have done 2 projects so far in Lagos and Taraba ( in the Northeast of Nigeria, a region largely facing high-level terrorism), training students in various on-demand ICT skills. My IAESTE internship was a catalyst in making me believe that "impossible is nothing".

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