I worked in the IT department at ISCTE. My main job is to assist my supervisor in carrying out some work. Specifically, it is based on the author's writing style to build a recommendation system, this work involves artificial intelligence and deep learning. In fact, I don't have much knowledge and experience, especially in the field of NLP (natural language processing), but this is an exciting area of ​​work and research. This is one of the reasons why I chose to come to Lisbon. Fortunately, my supervisor is particularly nice. He planned the learning route for me in the early stage, and patiently answered questions for me. Because it is really inside the school, the working environment is very good and everything is available. And later I have other two partners in the same department, we got along very happy, and also went out for sightseeing together.

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Thanks to the help of IAESTE Portugal, the place I live in is very good and the transportation is convenient enough. In addition, I have a very good landlord, very careful and enthusiastic. With their help, I solved the problems of transportation cards, bank cards and so on in the shortest time, so I can quickly integrate into the local life. During my time in Lisbon, I met many good friends. Most of them were interns except Carlos who is a nice volunteer as well as a good friend. Special thanks to Carlos, who spent a lot of his own time and energy organizing many activities. Under his leadership, we met together many times, sometimes at the bar, sometimes at our residence. Without his help, I would not have the opportunity to experience the spectacular castle of Sintra with several other partners. In addition, he drove us to the seaside city of Cascais, let us enjoy the magnificent Atlantic Ocean and beautiful beaches. All of them, these wonderful experiences have not only become my good memories, but also light in my life.


Every journey of life has its meaning, and the internship experience in Lisbon is undoubtedly memorable for me. In addition to learning and work itself, I have two other thought: on the one hand, the world we live in is very big and different, and different places have different cultures and different lifestyles. When you walk out in person, you will really feel why we people need to be inclusive and open-minded. On the other hand, the outside world has different wonderful things, but life is very short. We need to take the initiative to discover and experience a different life.

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