Primarily I was working in MediCare’s biochemistry and haematology department where I was allowed to perform some tests I just learned about in theory before. Furthermore, I got an insight into the other working fields (pathology and microbiology) which was interesting! Since I’m almost finished with my Master in Biomedical Chemistry, starting my PhD soon, completing an internship which was designed by the company for a student in his/her first years of studies, offered me limited professional benefit. Nevertheless, the cultural exchange and experiencing work-life in another country was irreplaceable. Hence I’d recommend everyone to go abroad with IAESTE!

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There are just a few tourists in Nablus and Palestine (besides Bethlehem), but the locals love to have you there and that’s what they’ll show you. Depending on how ‘exotic or different’ you appear, you’ll get a lot of attention. So I (auburn hair, bright skin, tall – therefore obviously not from the Middle East) was greeted permanently, a lot of people started a conversation and asked a lot of questions – I enjoyed some really good encounters. The old town of Nablus is bustling, the roman ruins in Samaria are impressive – and in the most hidden corners, you’ll find the best falafel or hummus you ever had. Or you'll go for kanafee, another traditional food originated in Nablus, consisting of caramelized mozzarella cheese - sounds weird, but it is yummy.


Palestine offers everything a nature-lover, like me, is looking for - the scenery of the mountains alternating with plain land, deserts and flourishing landscapes, a rich variety of plants and animals from three continents. Above all the diversity of this county with its enormous religious and cultural heritage fascinates me. It is (together with Israel) a holy place for people of several religions and affluent in history. During my stay, I learned a lot about the unique culture, people’s lives and beliefs. Furthermore, I faced the consequences of a conflict going on for decades and realised how lucky I should be to be born in Germany in a time of peace.

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