My Internship change my way to think, opening new doors, I made friends, I gain more experiences, I travelled and I learn how to be completely independent

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I used to have fun, travel, and visit the City centre with my friends, roomies and coworkers... We travelled around Europe and Spain and I also have my first festival experiences with them and it was completely indescribable. About the flat that I was sharing with my roomies, I can say I was lucky because I had the best roomies I could ask for! We made trips together and share a lot. And if someday they read this I want to say that I hope someday we meet again❤️ this is not just for them is also for all the friends I made in Spain that gave me a really good experience they made love the place that I was even I was so far from home they made me feel that I was home.. About IAESTE team I will Also remember them thanks Sergio, and the guys that made the internship with me. About my dear coworkers, I really miss them, They were my First work team and every one of you teaches me something that I will keep in my mind and in my heart. The people, they are so directly that I love it because if they have something to say they just say it to you and that makes a loyal and honest friendship. The Spanish Food is so tasty that if someday you visit Málaga or Andalucía don't forget to try Salmorejo!!!! I Really miss it!. The music I Love it!!


It made me see things with another point of view, It changed me in a really good way because now I'm back home I know I've changed... I'm more confident in myself. I learn to share my knowledge and also learn that every culture has a different way to think and to know that it should be respected. My experiences inspire me to keep pursuing my dreams and make it true

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