RIMHS is a big medical institute at the University of Sharjah. I was working in a group focused on the iron biology of cancer cells. There, I was researching the impact of cancer drugs on the iron metabolism of different cancer cell lines. While I was there, I had the chance to visit two conferences held at university. Seeing the challenges they face there with just importing supplies, I am now very thankful for the conveniences in Europe. Also, my coworkers were very helpful and friendly.

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From the dorms, where I lived with another intern in a room with a bathroom and a tiny kitchen, I could take the university bus to work, which was located on the medical campus. The ride took about 5-10 minutes. After work, I usually either went to the university's sports complex, which was conveniently located right next to our dorms or hung out with friends I made there (interns from all around the globe and locals). On the weekends we usually went for trips around the country with local IAESTE volunteers or explored some more of Dubai or both. Activities included campouts, kayaking, swimming, hiking, dune-bashing, ice skating and general exploring in places like Sharjah, Dubai, the desert, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain Zoo, Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Jais, Fujeirah, Musandam and Hatta. Since almost everyone speaks English there, it is very easy to connect with people. For food, they have literally everything of the Arabic world, since the UAE is a melting pot of mostly Arab cultures. While you are there, you have to have Shawarma from Laffah at least once. There are also lots of Falafel places or restaurants for chicken Mandi/Madbi, which you should try while there. My suggestion: Try as many things you never heard of as you can.


I discovered that, contrary to how they are often portrayed in the West, Arabs are one of the kindest and open people. I would like to encourage anyone to not just judge from afar, but speak with them and clear up those misconceptions. Who knows, chances are good you´ll win a lifetime friend. Furthermore, the great dynamic with local IAESTE volunteers inspired me to take up the same task and show people around back home in my own LC. I was shown so much hospitality from locals, that I would like to give something back to foreign interns arriving in Germany.

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