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If you are a student or employer, we suggest getting in touch with your closest local committee. They will guide you on your next steps in the IAESTE journey.

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- Start Date is 2-Sep-24 or 1-Oct-24.

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You will be required to register with IAESTE office before proceeding with your internship.You are required to adhere to the traditions and customs of UAE.You will be provided with a booklet prior to your departure.

Arrival & pick up Arrow dropdown

Interns are required to arrange their arrival and pick-up.The closet airport to the campus would be Sharjah International Airport, and you will be able to hire taxi upon arrival, using the meter. You will be able to find more information on the transportation services on their website.However, since there are limited flights to/fro, you might need to opt for Dubai International Airport which is around 20 kms from the University City.

During Internship Arrow dropdown

Unless stated otherwise, incoming interns will be hosted at our accommodation facilities at University of Sharjah. Details will be provided at a later stage.Direct Supervisor at work will guide the interns during the whole internship. The working hours will be set by the employer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask the IAESTE UAE office.

Check if you are eligible Arrow dropdown

Minimum GPA of 2.5 and above or good standing from 3rd or 4th year level from bachelor’s degree or master’s degree (at the time of sending your nomination)Enrolled full-time student during the entire internship – student enrollment document is required.Age of 19 – 30 during the internship.Accredited university in UAE.Special requirements for certain countries – depending on the offer.

Application/Registration Arrow dropdown

-To register and apply, students will need to go through 2 Stages:https://www.sharjah.ac.ae/en/Administration/CASTO/it/Pages/ipp.aspx

Selection Arrow dropdown

Once students' submit the application, a committee will review all applications received for the particular offer. We will review the applicants' profile, resume and transcript of records and compare it with the employer requirements and also consider other applicants. We will then rank all applicants and choose the most suitable applicant for the internship. We might also proceed with interviews if required.

Nomination Arrow dropdown

IAESTE UAE will bind the nomination documents of the final selection.At this stage, the nomination fees will be applicable.Once the student is nominated by IAESTE UAE, students are required to register themselves on the IAESTE Exchange Platform to which IAESTE UAE will guide and verify,

Acceptance & Departure Arrow dropdown

Once the nomination is completed and fully uploaded to the IAESTE Exchange Platform, it will be shared with the receiving country and the employer. The receiving IAESTE committee or the employer might want to conduct an interview with the nominee.Unless you were contacted by the receiving committee or employer directly, you are not allowed to contact them. If found otherwise, the nominee shall be excluded from the IAESTE internship program.Once the nomination has been shared with the receiving committee, you should receive the final decision in max. 8 weeks. During this waiting period, the nominee is not allowed to cancel your nomination and apply for another internship.Once accepted, follow the instructions of the receiving committee. Accepted intern should confirm that you wish undertake the internship within 2 weeks. If a visa or work permit is required, the intern should start the process as soon as possible. All interns are required to purchase insurance which covers the duration of their internship. Please submit the arrival details on time so that the receiving country can make all necessary arrangements to welcome you.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

IAESTE UAE can be approached at any time should the intern need to reach us.After the internship, do swing by our office and let us know your experience.

Requirements to offer an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Contact usat [email protected] offer an internship you will need to prepare the job description, information about major tasks/skills, describe the eligibility criteria for the students, such as degree, skills required and fields of study. ou should provide details of the intern's supervisor. All IAESTE internships are paid, so please remember that the payment you provide to the student needs to cover at least the basic expenses (food, accommodation, local travel). Min stipend per month is set at AED 3000

Offering an internship to a foreign student Arrow dropdown

Register on the IAESTE Exchange Platform, further called EP (iaeste.net).Create an 'offer' (internship offer) and complete all the mandatory fields. It is important to provide a detailed description of the work the intern will do. Send the offer on the EP to us for approval. You will be notified if offer is approved or contacted to clarify any missing information.

Selection & Approval Arrow dropdown

Students' profiles will be presented to you via the Exchange Platform (EP) - you will see all documents prepared by the student (nomination package). Then, you will select the student that fulfills your requirements the most and you can accept him/her for the internship.If you have any additional questions regarding the students' nomination you can always contact us. You can also send a request for clarification and/or additional documents (eg. documents confirming skills, etc.) via the EP directly. You can also request direct interviews with the candidates before taking a decision.

Pre Arrival Logistics Arrow dropdown

After a student is accepted, they are contacted by IAESTE UAE to begin arrival preparations.Services provided by IAESTE UAE- All communication with the sending country, the student and yourself- Visa procedures and sponsorship- Accommodation arrangement (unless stated otherwise)- Insurance coverage information- Welcoming upon arrivalIt is expected from the employer to introduce the intern to the work and to the team the intern will work with.

During & After Internship Arrow dropdown

It is expected that you are in regular contact with the student, ideally to assign a supervisor to guide him/her during the process. You are responsible for providing the intern with basic material for work: desk, computer etc. and if this is not possible, to mention it in advance so the student can be prepared. It is highly appreciated to have regular communication between our office and yourselves. After the internship you we will ask you to complete a feedback form to share your experience with us.

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