My work experience was very nice. I could work a lot on my own and had some freedom in my way of working because I was dealing with a Software. My Professor gave me the Information what the program was supposed to do and I started to realise it. My professor was very open-minded towards me. So I was very happy About it and gained also some further knowledge. In MATLAB, I gained more practical experience in some short Projects, as well as using different data types (String and cell) in comparison to what I mostly knew until now (mostly numeric data). My Knowledge increased highly and I appreciate this experience very much. As well, the connection with my professor and some other assistants was really good and I am still in contact with them. Thus I can only recommend maintaining the connection to them if you are interested.

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SALARY (sufficient for local conditions?) In comparison to the local prices at University and also Restaurants, the salary is absolutely sufficient. It depends on your standard, but for the daily stuff during your stay in Manipal as well as the accommodation that is for free, the salary is sufficient. If you like to travel a lot around (and some other extra Features), you might be aware that the salary is not enough, but that is not the purpose of the salary, Right? LANGUAGE REQUIREMENTS: English will be enough normally, but as Indians speak with a slight accent (but regularly very good), you might be prepared for it. Some People only know Hindi, but in general, with your fluent English skills, you will master it for sure. ACCOMODATION (price, who provided it): The Accommodation is included in the Price during your time of stay, so you don't need to pay extra for it. At least for your time of the internship; if you stay by far longer, be Aware that you need to pay for it. But during your stay, you are provided for free. Only for washing, you need to pay a few, but it is inside the building. POSSIBILITIES TO COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR HOME COUNTRY: Normally by WhatsApp Calling, Skype, ... Postcards are not very common in India, so you might need to see where to send them away if you are interested. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR STUDENTS WHO WILL GO TO THE SAME PLACE: Be open to a new culture, with some Basic Information you will have a great time in Manipal and in India in general. & Probably you may have a closer look on the visa affair ASAP ;)


LOCATION OF THE PRICE: It is a very modern building and the single Rooms in the international hostel offer good Opportunity to stay and sleep. It is very comfortable. Manipal has very nice parts in the City and lots of good restaurants, some good small nightclubs if you are interested. Manipal is very near to the west coast which means that it is very warm but also a high humidity/density. Be aware that most of the Rooms and places are provided by the air conditioner (AC) which means that you might get cold in worst case, but it is very agreeable. Health is very good and normally you don't need to be afraid that hygiene is bad, as it is often told in media. In Restaurants and the MIT, they offer warm&cold drinking water for free as well as Fresh Juices and lots of other things. You regularly receive an Internet Card by the Provider Airtel for the Duration of your stay for very cheap Money and have great communication basic. CITY: End Point is very nice nearby, and different beaches which are close to Udupi to where you can go by bus. Udupi itself is also very nice. According to my experience, you may also ask your Professor or the IAESTE members or your Buddy for nice tips which may fit your interests. I also had the chance to visit a City where one the IAESTE guys derive from and they showed me some things around. SURROUNDINGS (possible trips...): Weekend trips or others over Holiday is normally organised by the interns themselves. We organised hiking trips (e.g. to Kodachadri, by the guide Clinton we got to know by actual or former interns), longer travel trips (to Bangalore, Mysore, Kochi, Hampi, ...) and Shorter trips (to Mangalore, Udupi, Delta Beach, …). There is Hugh Variety and mostly you may travel by Train (be Aware of the tickets; you may need an Indian bank account) or night bus (e.g. by Redbus which works very good according to my experience). Sri Lanka is also not too far away if you are interested. MEETING OTHER FOREIGN STUDENTS: Most of the activities happened with foreign students. Having dinning, being out in the evening, on the Weekend; that was mostly with interns. As they are from different countries, you can make good Connections to them and learn About their countries and probably visit them sometime later in their Country/City. SPORT AND CULTURE: Some Festivals are nearby, for example for Diwali, or the IAESTE day or the opportunities. You have Sports Centers very nearby to go Swimming, do (kick)boxing, Tennis, Fitness, and so on. FOOD & LOCAL SPECIALITIES: If you are not used to the Indian Food (which is part VEG part NON VEG), you will realize that it's different to what you might be used, but it is very good. Esp. tali, masala dosa, paneer (Cottage cheese), north or south Indian combos, … And chai :) The Variety is extremely high. If you are open to it, I'm sure you will like it.


There is a basic thing to mention which would lower my interest to do one more internship. The visa affair organisation has - according to my experience - a huge potential to optimize. The first thing is that I heard, also from other students who came to the same place, that they received as well as me the visa just a few days before the departure which means that without visa and without the passport (where you get the visa to) you don't have the chance to go outside of Europe. This also means that - if the visa affair takes only a few days longer - you would have to pay anything (the accommodation etc.) at the layover of your flight - as most of the flights don't go directly outside your continent. And you don't take the experience and you don't get the promised fees by the German office "DAAD". It is a weird feeling to tell your family "let's see if the visa arrives on point" (the same words the visa office used as well, but without the emotions one has by themselves because you do have the financial risk), which only worked by luckily using the own contacts as well as writing lots of emails and doing lots of phone calls to different persons. I received further information about the work and visa Office (but only by "you are not allowed to use visa typ xy" only one month before departure - instead of giving the necessary visa type which you need. It's much better to give these information instantly after the confirmation - because I already ordered and paid for a wrong visa and my Organisation due to time was based on a working internship so far. All in all, the visa could be much better (as well as by lots of documents which are sent via mail even if there is the online Plattform). If I might tell you my process in Detail, just let me know. This might cause a bad Reputation on IAESTE which I wouldn't like.

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