I met with the professor Mr Srinivas Shenoy and he explained everything about my project. I had the important task to write a paper about natural fibre composite materials. It had to include everything he had already done with his students and also the state of the art. For this purpose, I was normally supposed to carry out chemical treatments of natural fibres such as banana fibres, areca and coconut fibres, using chemicals such as NaOH, HCL and NaHCO3. However, the treatment sessions were over since the semester was coming to an end. Fortunately, I had access to the library and the computers and books there. That really helped me to do my job. Therefore, I worked nearly every day in the library.

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We had international student rooms organised by the IAESTE committee. My dorm was the New International Hostel C-Block. There were many single rooms and very few double rooms. I had a double room with a roomie from Serbia, Jelena. A very friendly architecture student. Her presence made my stay in India more exciting. We could talk together, go for a walk and eat in different restaurants. She was officially my first friend in India. Then I met other people from India, America, Turkey and South Africa. We did many trips to about 8 towns around India: New Delhi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Bangalore, Kerala, Courg, Agra, Goa-, Malpe-, Tonse- and Palolem beaches. I am still in contact with some of the people I met there: Meagan, Tshego, William, Tabi and Elena. The food, one of the best cuisines I have ever eaten. Very spicy and tasty with many possible combinations. Breads like chapati, naan and roti, biryani or fried rice, a variety of sauces, veg or non-veg everywhere you want to eat. In India, I could eat fish every day for it was cheap and delicious. One day Elena invited me to eat fish and that fish restaurant became my best. I also ate many fruits in India, most of which I knew already. Namely, guava, pomegranate, banana, watermelon, and coconut.


It was my first time in Asia and it is a journey I will never forget because I was exposed to a different culture. I learned how to be more open-minded and respectful of people who speak, eat, dress and behave differently than what I had known till then. It taught me how to enjoy life and showed me that there are so many places to discover in life. Definitely increased my passion for travelling.

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