During my internship, I was an assistant in the preparation of the courses "Production Chemistry" and "Geothermal Energy Production". I did bibliographic research regarding topics related to production chemistry, such as the formation of organic and inorganic materials in production systems (waxes, hydrates, asphaltenes, and mineral scales), and possible solutions and inhibition methods, with the aim to create class lectures/presentations. In addition, I created tutorials on heat transfer and heat exchangers design. Furthermore, my internship gave me the opportunity to be in one of Europe's top universities on the subject of petroleum engineering. At work I had excellent communication with my supervisors; they were all very kind, and willing to help. This internship helped me expand my knowledge and skills by working in a field relevant to my studies and is a valuable addition to my resume.

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Through the internship in Austria, I had the opportunity to get to know a new country and its culture and meet many new and wonderful people. The picture I have about my accommodation, "Living Campus" is positive. From the very beginning, we were given the rules regarding waste recycling, fire safety and general operating areas. There was always excellent communication and everyone was very friendly, thoughtful, and kind. The place was always clean and well kept. This past summer 22 people practised through the IAESTE program in Leoben and we all stayed in the same dormitory. Also, many students from the university, e.g. my roommate, lived in the same area. It was easy to socialize which I found it to be very refreshing, as I met people of different nationalities and backgrounds from around the world. The salary was sufficient to cover all expenses during my internship. IAESTE Leoben executives organized excursions for us, such as hiking, a visit to the Gösser beer production factory, and international events. We were offered help regarding any problem. They also took care of all the bureaucratic procedures necessary for our recruitment and payment. In terms of travel, the country's train network is modern, well-maintained, accessible and quite affordable for young students. On weekends and vacation days I had the time to travel to different Austrian cities and got to know the country better.


The internship was a unique, once in a lifetime experience for me. It changed me as I broadened my horizons by living in a cooperative environment with people from all sorts of countries around the world. As Winston Churchill said, "To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often". I very much appreciate this opportunity given to me. THANK YOU!!!

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