This internship gave me the opportunity to work in my field of study for the first time. I worked on the concept design of urban space in the center of Łódź, architectural designs and 3D visualizations. At the same time, I was preparing a presentation for Investor, which in this case was the City of Łódź. Working on this project taught me a lot of things about my field of work. My mentor gave me enough freedom to express my thoughts and he always pushed us to give our best to any work. What I didn't expect to happen is that employer would value my work so much. They showed a great deal of respect to me and other IAESTE interns in office and were always there to help us with any kind of situation.

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Łódź - a city that can not be described in words. Something about the air in this city made me feel completely free. I stayed in a student dormitory, where other IAESTE interns were also staying. Words can not describe emotions that were in me during the last week of my internship. I became friends with people I would never imagine becoming friends, and we are still staying in touch with each other. During the internship we were socializing with IAESTE volunteers, who were not only there for us when we needed help, but those people also became our friends. Time becomes a strange concept during IAESTE internship. It can be counted in a number of hours you spend travelling, friendships you grow or prejudices that get broken. We all had the desire to explore as much as possible, and learn about domestic culture more and more (pierogi are a dish you have to try during your stay in Poland). Together we travelled around Poland, but also to surrounding countries. Gdansk, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow etc. thought us about rich Polish history.


After this internship I began to value the knowledge I gained during my studies much more. The whole experience changed me a lot as a person. I became much more aware of other cultures, but I also started respecting my own culture so much more. IAESTE internship helped me with defining my own goals so much more and now I am ready to start working on my dreams.

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