Development of software for the classification of human embryos and ways of using them, on the MatLab platform. That is, to determine the probability of live birth of an embryos/Sperm. The impact it had on me, this internship helped me to develop a better team spirit, the ability to control pressure when given work, gaining at advance knowledge in computer programming, getting to know how artificial intelligence work and how it is applied.

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One of the things I was blessed with was very good and very sacrificial roommates, who took me as one of their brothers and friends. They were very selfless and helped me with anything I needed or anywhere I wanted to go within the city. One my first night they took me to their cultural night called ”Fiest Junina”. And it was worth going. They made me visit one of the best ice cream shops I have ever none. And the made me under the difference between who is a Vegetarian and a Vegan. Since they both were one of the two. I learned a lot from them. And the made my stay there worth it. They introduced me to new friends who also introduced me to others. To me, Brazilians are one of the most hospitable beings. At the office, my supervisor treatment me and all of his Lab students like his our kids. It was overwhelming as he always organised join lunch and other office parties which helped us relieve stress. And the teammates at the Lab took me on very outings during Lunchtime and after work. It was really fun. Ever as a sportsman, I found other sports activities I could do at the office. And I meet two Iaeste members (Ursina from Switzerland and Elizabeth from Austria) They both worked with me at the same University. I travelled to just Sao Paulo and it was fun.


I actually learned some new programming codes, a better way to research for information online, how to organize a good PowerPoint and do a presentation slow so people who didn't understand English that much, so I had to speak slower since I am a fast speaker and I learn how to connect with others. About myself, I learned how to multi-task a little and learn not to complain. As concern my the view in my field it was a pretty cool experience.

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