Switzerland to Bangladesh

The working description about the internship in Bangladesh on the IAESTE webpage caught my attention. Having the possibility to work at a college a with focus on aviation technology and simultaneously seeing a completely different culture is a huge chance of my life. Hence, I applied to it and some months later, I got accepted. Back then, I don’t know Bangladesh as a country at all and thus, my feelings about the internship were rather diffuse.

The arrival in Bangladesh was a big challenge for me, being on my own in an unknown country. But as soon as I started working, I also arrived psychically. I began to spend lots of time with the students which live in the college, since their hometowns are far away from Dhaka. Gradually, I adopt my daily life and the students and I, we became being like a family.

During my working time, I studied the mass flow through a jet engine as my IAESTE project. Beside this, I also got the possibility to teach two classes in mechanics and jet propulsion technology. I love to work with the students, even though there were some language barriers, because most of the students were not used to the English language. In the free time, we went to different places in Dhaka. Each time, it had been like an adventure to me. Nevertheless, I enjoyed each moment, even in traffic jams, when you feel the beat of Dhaka the closest. I saw so many things and go back to my country with amazing experiences - both, the bright and dark ones. These impressions can not be put into words, one must experience this by one’s own.

I am really grateful I did my internship in Bangladesh. This country will always be part of my most valuable memories in my life. I got some great friends here and I hope that we will see each other again in the future. Thanks to all of you!

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