New cooperation with IAAS

IAESTE has partnered with the IAAS to share knowledge and opportunities to our respective members. IAAS (International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences) is the biggest student organizstion in the field of agriculture and related sciences worldwide. IAAS was founded in 1957 and started with only 8 member countries. It grew a lot to the organisation it is nowadays with over 50 member countries and about 10,000 students as members.


We have a lot in common with the IAAS and are looking forward to working with them to enhance our mission. You can find more details about the IAAS here.

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44th Central European Convention
Thomas Faltner
The past weekend, almost 150 IAESTE volunteers from the Central European Region met at Nečtiny Castle in Czech Republic to attend various workshops, network and exchange knowledge.
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IAESTE partners with INSPIRELI
Zuzana Hackova
IAESTE is happy to partner with INSPIRELI, and welcome everyone to the virtual faculty of architecture! The platform invites young talent to share their projects and get feedback. The platform also invites innovators and architects from ar...
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