"It makes me realise that the joint effort of so many people are needed in the fight against COVID-19." - IAESTE interns and members helping in the fight against COVID 19

As a global organisation, focused on science and engineering, IAESTE is proud that so many of our trainees and member are finding ways, both big and small, to help in the fight against COVID 19. We’d like to share with you just a few of the many wonderful stories we have heard. 

Noel Angel Armas Marquez is an engineering student from Nicaragua. A few months ago he started his IAESTE internship in Poland and afterwards stayed on and is now making protective masks for the district medical chamber in Szczecin.

Noel making masks

Well done, Noel!


IAESTE intern, Jorge Luis Vaca Gonzales, an Electro-Mechanical engineering student from Bolivia, is interning with the team at Resonate Testing in Newry, Northern Ireland on the Aer Lingus flights carrying PPE equipment from China for Irish medical staff working with COVID-19. Resonate Testing ensure that the bags used to pack the equipment meets international flammability standards before flights take off.


He says “I am very grateful to be part of the Resonate Testing team. It makes me realise that the joint effort of so many people are needed in the fight against COVID-19. Every small contribution to fight the epidemic, no matter how small counts. Even though I am far away from home and my family, everyone is going through tough times. Thanks to technology I can keep in touch with my loved ones and also with the support of Resonate Team and IAESTE, they made me feel like I am in a second home.”


We’re proud of you, Jorge!


Our friends at IAESTE Czech Republic have been getting creative and sharing ways of making masks to help prevent the spread of COVID 19. It seems like soon, we will all be required to wear masks when going out, so well done you guys!

IAESTE Czech Republic

Bamboo Labs, a company founded by a team of IAESTE alumni, created an online repository of small food producers in Croatia that offer delivery, helping both the economy and those unable to leave the house to buy shopping.

An amazing idea and a valuable contribution.


We’re so happy that IAESTE values are prevailing during these difficult times and we are looking forward to returning better than ever when circumstances allow.

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