IAESTE Day in Tajikistan

We’ve been counting down all week to IAESTE Day. This year, it kicks off the celebrations for another exciting event: to start 70th Anniversary celebrations on IAESTE Day of our 69th year! The celebration in Tajikistan was HUGE and took place on 21nd of October in the private Gymnasium “Tajikistan” building where the National Committee of the IAESTE Tajikistan is located. IAESTE Day is a major event for the whole IAESTE community in the country as it provides members of this organization with the opportunity to share their experience and prepare foundation for the future engagements.


As IAESTE Day is a very significant occasion we wanted to present the concept of this organization to new students who were not familiar with the activities implemented through the IAESTE worldwide. Participants who applied for the first round of the competition were invited to take part in this event so they could obtain more information on IAESTE and also could have their knowledge of English, and German languages and basic understanding of their specialty tested. All the candidates were also required to complete application forms and identify their countries of relative interest.


The event was officially launched by Dr. Pulatov A. Pulat, the National Secretary of IAESTE in Tajikistan who gave opening remarks and provided overview of the IAESTE activities in the country. The storyline was then continued by the Coordinator of outgoing programme, Mr. Shavkat Rajabov in his presentation on the history of organization, where he also focused on major facts and figures. He also explained the rules and procedures of IAESTE and gave an overview that International IAESTE Day serves as an annual occasion for the global promotion of IAESTE as well as for establishment and strengthening of good working relationships with companies, universities and students.


As it is always better to see than hear, IAESTE alumni also made presentations for their peers. For example, Mukhammadzhon Yatimov, the student from Tajik Technical University, who spent 2 months in Germany, gave a very colorful description of his internship and encouraging working environment at the University; while another student, Firuz Saidov, who was having his internship also in Germany, gave useful tips on how to better integrate into international students community during your internship abroad. All the presentations were very interactive and were accompanied by intensive questions and answers series. Participants saw pictures of students at their workplaces, picnics, cultural events and with their host families.


In the same time volunteers who had experience with IAESTE shared their impressions on working within this organization and expressed their vision of the opportunities this involvement would provide to them.


Year over year, IAESTE Day celebration becomes more and more popular in the country, as it displays great synergy and initiative of young people who are willing to improve their professionalism. We hope that this event took special place in hearts for a long time and will bring together new volunteers and participants of this program. 69 years IAESTE – Happy Birthday!

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