8th Asian Pacific IAESTE Forum

Dr. Ghazi Al-Rawas together with his team organised the 8th APIF (Asian Pacific IAESTE Forum) at the Sultan Qaboos University, a wonderful place in an amazing country. The organisation was perfect with excellent meetings as a result.


Eleven countries were present: Bengladesh (Mohammed Hussein Arif and Dr. Mohammed Abu Shahadat), India (dr Karunakar Kotegar and Mr. Kushagra Sharma), Iran (Dr. Mohammad Shekarchizadeh and Mr. Syed Goldansaz), Iraq (Dr. Duraid Muayed), Kuwait (Dr. Joumana Tasse), Oman (Dr. Ghazi Al-Rawas, Mr Abdullah Al-Ojaily, Mr. Moadh Al-Zadjali and Mr. Muneer), Philippines (Mrs Lalaine Rotas and Mr. Vic Brounsuzian), Palestine (Prof. Riyad Awad), Pakistan (Ayesha Mushtaq), Thailand (Dr. Tongdee Cheevapruk and Dr. Pracha Tansaenee) and Turkey (Dr. Gulhayat Saygili). For IAESTE Asbl we had Prof. Bernard Baeyens, president and Mohammad Hossein Eftekhar, member of the Board.


The meeting began with a speech of the president of APIF and the president of IAESTE Asbl. The former spoke about practical points referring to the exchange, the preparation of students before their traineeship, the internal organisation of the APIF specifically related to the webpage of the regional initiative and some suggestions about the organisationof the AC in Cyprus.


The latter put forward that with the new Exchange Platform and the possibility of having pre-exchange through the platform, we have to think about how to conduct our Annual Conferences in a different way. He stressed also the fact that we have to better our relationship with the employers, looking more what they need. This two point have as objective to increase the exchange in the coming years. He also made emphasis on the need of a good relationship with the ministry of foreign affairs and some embassies and consulate to facilitate the visa processes that seems still a headache for many of the APIF countries.


Dr. Mohammed Hossein Eftekhar spoke basically about how to decrease the unused offers in the region and about starting projects for the development of the association in the region.


The different participants presented their IAESTE activities in their countries. Thereafter the participants discussed a lot of topics relevant to enhance the activities. Finally they decided to create four project group: Marketing (Promotion and Website), I.T. (care about website), Exchange Platform and Alumni.


The decision was also taken to make agreements during the next AC between the APIF countries, about how many students they will exchange during the year between them. An evaluation of the achievements of this agreement will be made in September.


During the event we had also the possibility to speak with the Vice Chancelor, Dr. Ali Saud Al-Bemani, the Deputy Vice Chancelor for Academic Affairs and Community Services, Prof. Amer Al-Rawas, the members of the engineering faculty leaded by the dean, prof. Hadj Bourdoucen and of course our good friend Issa Al-Harty.


We would like to thank IAESTE Oman and the Sultan Qaboos university for their kindness and hospitality.

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