IAESTE Exchanges has been one of the greatest platforms for me to interact with talented international students. I have guided 3 students till now, they were-: Joseph from Germany, Felipe from Brazil and Bassam from Oman.

The students were enthusiastic and keen on learning things technically. They also wanted to explore Indian culture, heritage, and food. It gave me immense exposure to their ability to grasp the technicalities and the approach they use for performing various tasks. Joseph and Fellipe were fast learners and performed scrupulously in modelling and analysis of Mechanical components, while Bassam was good at comprehending and showed his eagerness to learn.

I would like to interact and continue working and proposing new projects to the incoming foreign students and encourage the IAESTE exchange programme. Also, special thanks to the IAESTE LC MUJ and wish them all the very best in their future endeavours.

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