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Access to the best young talents from around the world

Since 1948 IAESTE has been matching top, forward-thinking employers with the best science and engineering undergraduates from around the world for work experience. Our trainees are talented, motivated and can make a real difference to your business.


We match our students to your requirements, so whether short or long term, general or specialised, we can help you find the right people to have a positive impact in your workplace. IAESTE operates a year-round exchange which means that we can find you the right person, with the right qualifications at the right time for you.


How to offer internships through IAESTE:


Contact the IAESTE office in your country --> Submit your traineeship offer -->Receive & Accept student--> take advantage of the opportunities hiring an IAESTE trainee provides!

What we offer

IAESTE offers unique partnership and sponsorship opportunities for your company. Whether you’d like to promote your company to our members, get involved in our international events or enjoy access to our thriving alumni network, we’d love to help.


For companies looking to find the best in permanent employees, we also offer the chance for you to advertise your vacant jobs to our members and alumni. Our alumni are former IAESTE trainees which means they all come with prior international work experience and the motivation to succeed.


If you're interested in partnering with us, get in touch!



English speaking trainees

Good communication skills

  • Trainees with excellent communication skills (English is the working language for the participation in the exchange programme but other languages can be requested).

  • IAESTE students bring an international dimension to the workplace as well as fresh ideas and different, often innovative perspectives.

Employer-led programme

  • IAESTE is an employer-led programme, meaning students are selected according to your requirements. You can stipulate criteria such as: subject area; specialisation; level of study; technical experience, language requirements, nationality and duration.

  • Cost effective highly skilled workers for your business.

3-tier selection process

  • IAESTE trainees are ideally placed to carry out short-term projects and to help develop new business opportunities overseas.

  • Students are carefully selected through a stringent, 3-tier selection process from a pool of over 1000 universities worldwide.
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Intercultural experience

  • Strengthen the intercultural competence of your team and enrich your daily working life.

  • If your company is looking to expand into new international markets, IAESTE is a great way to build contacts and cultural links, as well as ambassadors for your company.

Hassle-free procedure

  • IAESTE in your country will provide expertise in navigating necessary visa/work authorisation and support/arrange accommodation.

  • Letting IAESTE take care of the details will leave you hassle-free to get the most out of the traineeship, while your intern will be socially integrated in your country.

Student Pool

  • Access to a huge pool of Science, Engineering and Applied Arts undergraduates and recent graduates, in over 1,000 universities from over 80 countries worldwide.

  • An opportunity to learn about the culture and technological expertise of other countries.

How can you get involved?

Getting involved is easy, all we need from you are a few details about your company and your trainee requirements. You can find your country's contact details here or use the online form (coming soon) to submit your requirements



IAESTE traineeships can be anywhere in length from 6 weeks to 1 year. This gives employers the flexibility to bring people in to assist with short term projects, or benefit from the added value of integrating someone into your team for a whole year.



IAESTE trainees cover the whole spectrum of science, engineering and applied arts subjects. This means that whatever your project we have the right people to support your team. Our participants are all in the latter part of their studies so have real knowledge to contribute.



All IAESTE employers are expected to pay a cost of living allowance to their trainees. This should include enough income to cover the cost of accommodation and food. Payment of interns is an important part of our mission at IAESTE as our trainees can provide real added value to the workplace.



All IAESTE countries have a national committee and many have local committees whose responsibility it is to support the students during their traineeship. This means all participants have a point/s of contact for help and advice and are often a part of a larger community of IAESTE trainees. This means they are well looked after and able to focus on their traineeship without stress or worry.

Partnerships & Sponsorships

In addition to our core work in traineeships we also provide excellent opportunities for partnership and sponsorship. Our vast worldwide network means that we can help you achieve your goals. If you want to promote your services or opportunities to our young people, members and alumni then we can help you to reach them on the right platform. Contact us for further details.


IAESTE provides a complete service to recruit highly skilled technical students of higher education as trainees. From selection of candidates to meet your company needs, administration support for hiring foreign students and contact with universities and student community via IAESTE in respective countries, we can help you find the right people.

Global internships programme

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Promote your brand to the global IAESTE community and reach an audience of skilled new talents, professionals, students of higher education, volunteers and partner organisations. Reach your audience through our publications and online presence. Contact us through the form below.



As a part of the partnership you will have the opportunity to present your company at our events and talk to our young people. You can also share information about your company with our alumni via online events, if this is something that interests you. If you wish to invite our alumni to your company for a visit, we can also facilitate this.

International Events


For us, an internship is the beginning of a lifelong journey. Once an internship is completed we aim provide young graduates and professionals with careers information, access to science and engineering jobs and opportunities. With 70 years of experience, being present in more than 80 countries and being the biggest exchange programme for scientists and engineers in the world, our aim is to enhance the employability of young professionals across the globe. If you share our vision, you can become a Career Partner with IAESTE. Together we can make a real difference to the lives of young people.

Career partners

Why partner with us?

We can assist you in sourcing new employees from our network of international alumni

Targeted advertising of your vacancies to our members and alumni through our online portal

Promote your company brand across our platforms, including website, social media, newsletter and events

Contribute to enhancing the employability of young people through a partnership with us

Have a physical presence at our events, talk directly to young people and promote your services

Contribute to our mission of providing young people with life-changing traineeships around the world and promoting peace and understanding between nations


Bengt Bolsöy, Sweden, Technical Manager, Kiruna Wagon

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