IAESTE for Volunteers

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Volunteering with IAESTE can be a rewarding experience. Many IAESTE national committees are run by students, as well as the hundreds of local committees that support their work. By getting involved you can develop new skills, organisational, managerial, financial, social, and most importantly, you can make new friends and be a part of something special.


If you’d like to get involved please contact your national committee. They will let you know what opportunities are available and connect you with a local committee if there is one. Although volunteering for IAESTE doesn’t guarantee you an internship, it certainly doesn’t hurt!

Who are IAESTE volunteers?

Former or current IAESTE trainees

Undergraduate students from universities where there is a Local Committee

Committees run by students

In many countries IAESTE is organised by student volunteers and members

Volunteer options

For more information on joining us please contact the IAESTE committee in your home country


Derrick Nandwa, Kenya, IAESTE DeKUT

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What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to joining IAESTE as a member or volunteer, including:

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Opportunities to work in an international environment
Meet new people from all over the world
Be part of a team dedicated to helping others
Feel good about yourself!

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Increase your confidence
Gain experience in organising internships
Learn events management and other valuable skills