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Vasilis Giannoglou

Home country


Internship city and country

Banias, Syria

Internship employer

Banias Refinery Company

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

4 weeks


It was summer and the work was not much. We were shown around the refinery's facilities and asked us to complete some reports.

1030879310+ +vasilis+giannoglou


It was a huge experience. Daily life was different every day, we travelled a lot, got to know with Arab culture, found out that Syrian people are very fond of Greek people, we were treated like popularities. Accomodation was free in the dormitories of the factory for the workers, but we also had a room in Latakia dormitories which was about an hour away by bus and a much more beautiful city. We made good friends, the food was different and everything was so cheap


I learned a new world, it was an amazing experience only with IAESTE could I have, you don't go to Syria easily... We never found out about IAESTE Syria, never got to meet them. No one was waiting for us (3 persons from Greece) to the airport and we had to figure out where to go all by ourselves, in a country that almost no one speaks english and even numbers are not the same.