China, Hong Kong


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Takuro Umihara

Home country


Internship city and country

Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong

Internship employer

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

University study field

Electrical Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


I worked as a researcher in the Power Electronics Research Centre (PERC) of Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Prof. Eric Ka-Wai Cheng, my supervisor, allowed me to decide my research theme freely. Then, I researched some of Battery Management Systems (BMS) proposed by PERC to confirm their reproductivity, with my strong interest. Through my intern period, I read some academic papers, simulated some BMS, built one of them, and experimented to confirm its performance.

S  35725336+ +takuro


Not only I experienced an entire research flow such as investigation, simulation, development, experiment, and consideration, but also I experienced the superior exploration of Hong Kong and communication with other IAESTE trainees from all over the world. Every weekend, we got out of our working places and went to many famous spots in Hong Kong. We discovered many delicious dishes in local restaurants, magnificent sceneries in tourist spots, and local residents everywhere. Many Hongkongers now speak Cantonese (the Chinese Dialect for Southern China) as their main language so that English was not the best one for communication with them, but communication through several languages such as Japanese (both uses similar characters) and body language were great times.


These work and experience enhanced my interest and curiosity in the area of academics and private. In the field of academics, I understood how to apply technological solutions for social needs during the internship. My dream is to make our society more sustainable by developing new technologies. I would like to apply this experience to my business life as my next career. In private, I realized I had ignored my curiosity about my life journey by giving the most time to study something in university. (Such student's situation is one of the reasons why Japanese people tend to work a long time.) Hiking and surfboarding activities with IAESTE trainees gave me new thoughts that I like these them and I should take time for them to enhance my quality of life.