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Home country


Internship city and country

Tehran, Iran

Internship employer

University of Tehran

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


Reasearch on mangrove distribution and associated biology in Persian gulf and gulf of Oman. How much politics impacts science and the populations oppinion and awarenes. I realized how much I love to teach others what I know about nature.

20190912 182126+ +eilata+ressullag


I stayed together with all other female IAESTE interns in a dormitory close to the university. Somtimes I would share breakfast together with some girls before walking to work. There I would read on my laptop while getting fed some iranian specialities by my coworkers. At noon all lab staff would sit together for a shared lunch. I was hardly never alone at the dorm, we girls shared some great time together, wandering around Teheran after work or chilling and working out on the roof top. On weekends Iaeste locals organized trips or we built small groups by ourselves. It was not very easy to hang out or cook dinner with the boys because we were not allowed in each others dormitories. That is why we gathered for board games etc. in cafes or nearby parks. I also met a lot of worderful iranians, whom loved to show me around and help me to discover new places and taste their iranian food.


I learned not to trust the media or other peoples opinion but my own feelings. I learned that it is so crucial to talk to people inorder to solve problems or avoid misunderstanings.