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Sören Jaedeke

Home country


Internship city and country

Beirut , Lebanon

Internship employer

American University of Beirut

University study field

Industrial engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


Operation and maintenance of diesel generators and steam boilers. Site visits to the reverse osmosis treatment plant and the central cooling plant.

Img 4444+ +s%c3%b6ren+jaedeke


I worked from 8 till 2pm. After that I enjoyed the many possible activities on the campus of the AUB like the gym, tennis courts, gym etc. I stayed in the dorms on the campus. That made it quite easy to socialise and get in contact with other students. On the weekends the other IAESTE students and myself went to different cities and sights in Lebanon by renting a van and a driver. Next to that enjoying the great lebanese food and the party city Beirut was on our daily schedule.


It mostly changed my views of the world because working in a different culture is more interesting than the work itself. It highly inspired me to work on an international basis in the future.