Dscn09+ +shourya+sharma

Shourya Sharma

Home country


Internship city and country

Cairo, Egypt

Internship employer

Cairo University

University study field

Analysis of Renewable Energy

Year of internship


Internship length

8 weeks


I worked in Power Mechanical Engineering department, my day to day work was to analyse the production of Renewable Energy in Egypt and make a plan for the year 2035. I was working directly with the Chairman of Faculty who guided me throughout my internship. He provided help for me to quickly learn the culture of the organisation and become acquainted with the available resources in order to get individual projects completed on time. The lab provided me with invaluable resources to learn and grow in a career that matches my interest.

Dscn09+ +shourya+sharma


Egypt is a fascinating country and unlike any in the world. I have always wanted to see those Arabian deserts and enchanting pyramids with my own eyes. But the reviews of the country and the people kind of put me off. However, I did not let that damper my yearning to visit. I decided to go ahead with my internship and experience for myself what all this beautiful country had to offer, and I am glad that I did! I discovered that the locals of Egypt are some of the friendliest and most helpful folk in the world. People are extremely nice and hospitable. Whether it’s a shopkeeper in a general store or someone walking down the street, they would totally stop by to help you with whatever you need. The natives of Egypt are also very trustworthy. The food of Egypt is very similar to that of India. So, there’s no reason for Indian travellers, even vegetarians, to be afraid. The spices are also more or less the same. In fact, much of India’s exotic spices are imported from Egypt. I found good outlets and vendors making delicious Shawarmas and Falafels almost at every corner, two of Egypt’s most famous dishes that have now turned into my favourites!


No one is going to spoon-feed to what I learn - This Internship has a steep learning curve during an initial couple of weeks. Once the warm-up period is over, I was expected to be productive like an actual employee. Having an international internship on your resume means a lot - Of course, this depends on the name of the company/university. But with the right name, it can literally open doors when you are in search of jobs. Jack of all languages - Again, it depends on the company/university. But in my case, I had to code in C, C++, Java, Python, and a variety of other languages. So I needed to be proficient in many languages. Learning to manage time - I was given deadlines and its expected to be completed by then. Managing time in an exam vs in a project are really different.