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Shivam Soni

Home country


Internship city and country

Vi├žosa city, Brazil

Internship employer

Mechanical engineering (Automobile)

University study field

Mechanical engineering (Automobile)

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I worked in a vibration and acoustics laboratory, the work was all practical as i learned a new software on which i have to test some experiments and get the results. It was mainly based on data aquisition and analysis.

Inshot 20191108 224309882+ +shivam+soni


I use to work 5 days (20 hours) a week and the each and every day was amazing full of energy because of the amazing people to whom i was surrounded and also my professor. The accommodation from IAESTE was appropriate, and the trips which were organized by the IAESTE were well organized and was really a great experience in such a culture which was way different from India. I made lots of friends which were from different countries. We hangout almost daily after the work sharing our cultures, languages, even food. It was really a great amazing internship.


It changed a lots of views of mine in different ways as it was almost a survival trip for me as the food, the language, culture were all very different. I learned a lot from this IAESTE internship and now i am really more focused to my goals and very patent about it. Also travelling like this for weeks changes you a lot as you have get out your comfort zone and live in different condition. It inspired me a lot and got to know how studies in other countries works.