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Rou Wen

Home country


Internship city and country

Belgorod , Russia

Internship employer

Belgorod state technological University

University study field

Civil Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

4 weeks


The application of 3D Printer in Civil Engineering

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My colleagues and tutors prepared quite a few cultural programs for me. On 09.06 my colleagues took me to a traditional Russian festival. That was a festival located in a small countryside near Belgorod. Many of traditional Russian food were sold in the countryside. On the early morning I and four other students in the university drove car to the countryside. Because of language barrier we did not talk a lot inside the car. But afterwards we spent amazing times together in the festival. We also saw conventional Russian dance and bought some special Russian souvenirs. My colleague Marina and I organized a short city tour in Saint Petersburg. We went to lots of sightseeing for example Winter Palace, Petershof Grand Palace, Hermitage museum and so on. We were so overwhelmed by the beautiful architectures. Before my internship I was told by my supervisor that I would stay in the university hostel for one month. But the plan changed because the student hostel needs to be renovated so my supervisor booked a hotel in the city center which I had to live there for the first 11 days. Then I moved to university hostel on 12th June. Both rooms have two beds in the sleeping room and bathroom with about 18 m². The two rooms are equipped with air conditioner and all the essential furniture only except for kitchen. So basically, I went out to university cafeteria and cafe or any restaurant in the city. Everyday I went to my office at 9 am and in general I left the office at 5pm. After work I usually hang out with my friends whom I knew from the local English speakout club. Sometimes I also jog in the stadium and sometimes go for a walk in the university. It was quite a pleasant lifestyle. As for work I was assigned to finish a project which is closely related to my subject. I was quite interested in this project. I have learned two complete new programs during my internship. My professor and colleagues were always ready to help me whenever I had problems in work. And they tried their best to motivate and inspire me. I could say that there were so much joy to work with people in my subject from different cultural background. And I think it will definitely help me in my future career.


I was so thankful that I have got this chance to have one month foreign work experience. It not only broads my horizon and helps me to know more about the development of my subject in other countries but also makes me understand who I am and what I actually want in my life.