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Home country


Internship city and country

Campinas , Brazil

Internship employer

University of Campinas

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


Hey friends! I’m Raghavi, studying final year B.Tech. Biotechnology, India. I was selected for a 12 weeks long Research Internship at University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil via IAESTE. Commencing from June 2019, this Internship at the Lab of Ageing Biology has moulded me strong academically and personally. Something about my work, I used Caenorhabditis elegans (we can call them C. elegans) as model organisms, to study the molecular mechanisms of ageing by silencing some of their genes using RNA-i techniques. In simpler words, I used these really cute and transparent worms (C.elegans) and induced some genetic aberrations in them to see how long they survive in each condition.

Img 20190826 030124+ +raghavi+ananthasayanam


Brazil is a melting pot to cultures, and home to wide variety of races, religions and values, and is known for its hospitality. In the hour-long talks with some fascinating Brazilians, I learnt more about ‘Veganism’, ‘Colonialisation of Brazil by the Portugal’, and a lot more interesting things. I stayed in a student house (Republica as they say) with 10 other students. I had 2 roommates, one from Mexico and another a Brazilian of Japanese ancestry. It was fun roaming out and cooking with them. I think I'm going to miss Brigadeiro and Pastels a lot.


To be selected to intern at UNICAMP, which is ranked among the top 200 Universities Worldwide, by QS World Ranking was an opportunity of the lifetime. At the end of this internship, when I look back, I see that I have changed to be more self-dependant, confident, and brave enough to voice out my opinions without fear. Huge thanks to IAESTE Brazil and India!!