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Prachi Jain

Home country


Internship city and country

Minsk, Belarus

Internship employer

BSUIR, Minsk

University study field

Computer Science

Year of internship


Internship length

4 weeks


The field of my work for this internship was cyber security. My supervisor was asked me to learn all about network attacks. Then I learned about how network attacks happen and how to prevent them. My final project was to design a packet sniffer. My supervisor helped me alot everyday to make progress and make this internship successful. I am really thankful for his guidance and his vast knowledge in this subject.

Img 20190628 182610 593+ +prachi+jain


When I think about Minsk I think about those people and those streets mostly. The thing I loved about people of Minsk was ending up at a bar and just being a part of the local crowd. Drinking, singing, doing shots with locals, on the streets without caring about anything else. It was all the reasons I fell in love with the country in the first place. Minsk can be described as maybe “lively but also quiet”. The city is green and clean, walls filled with graffitis and murals. In may, the weather was warm, sunny mostly windy but peaceful. Minsk is rich in cultural heritage and architecture. I went to some cultural musical festivals there. Many people also practise yoga there and many of them love Indian food.


Living there everyday for 6 weeks, cooking food for myself, exploring something new everyday, walking through different streets, getting on the wrong buses then finding my way back to dorm, shopping groceries, meeting new people everyday. I never lived alone anywhere by myself and this experience really help me to grow as a person. I surely came to my home country as a more mature and wise person. By living there I realised how much big a world is out there and how much more is there to explore. I want to travel more and explore more and learn more for sure. If I could, I will go back there once again live it all again.