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Obunadike Callistus

Home country


Internship city and country

Belgorod, Russia

Internship employer

Belgorod State Technological University

University study field

Civil Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

4 weeks


I joined the academic in proposing a method of ecooriented assessment of constructive schemes of cast in-situ RC framework in civil engineering. As a geologist, we work mutually with the civil engineers for the stability of structures on the earth surface. Therefore, I have learnt that the conduction of soil test is significantly important before erecting any building or construction so as to ascertain the load bearing capacity of the soil.

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Indeed, Life in Russia was very exciting and beautiful. I will recommend every student to visit Russia because the people are nice and welcoming. Cost of leaving is also very affordable. I have enlarged my friendship list by making new friends. In addition, I learnt a lot from the Staff of BSTU. Also, I made some presentations on use of civil and geological softwares. The accommodation was located in a conducive and serene atmosphere.


I learnt how to integrate with people from different walks of life and how communication and team-work are crucial in the growth of any organisation. I have also learnt and adapted with the Russian culture and their people's way of life. In addition, I strongly believe that this internship would be a door opener for better job offer in the nearest future. I encourage everyone to join IAESTE for an outstanding internship experience. Once again I'm highly grateful to BSTU, Russia and IAESTE for this marvelous career opportunity.