Czech Republic


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Narin Okazaki

Home country


Internship city and country

Liberec , Czech Republic

Internship employer

Technical University of Liberec

University study field

Mechanical Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

6 weeks


I designed chassis for 3D printing constructing robot mainly with my colleague using PTC Creo Parametric, a kind of 3D CAD software. Since we didn't have much knowledge about designing chassis and how to use the software, we searched lots of things on the Internet and practiced to use the software in the first week. After that, we started designing by ourselves. First of all, we made a table to evaluate each type of chassis and choose which one to design. We decided to use “6-wheel driven Rocker-Bogie mechanism” for the chassis and then made a model in a computer.

Img 0007+ +narin+okazaki


There was a dormitory for the students in the university, and I stayed there. It took me about 15 minutes on foot from the dormitory to the university. Most receptionists were proficient in English and we were able to communicate, which was very helpful for me. 5 trainees including me participated in the internship at the same university in the same period, and soon we got along with each other. Almost every weekend we went on trips to neighboring countries. Even weekdays, we gathered together in someone's room and held parties. We talked a lot, and I was able to know lots of new things about their home countries. Although I'm quite picky, I didn't have trouble in food there. Food eaten there is mostly bread or pasta as long as I can remember.


Through the internship, I found the level of technology there was higher than I had expected. Before I left Japan, I thought Japanese technology is highly appreciated and I was proud of it, but after I arrived at Czech, I thought perhaps the level is almost same or Japan has been caught up. At this moment, I felt a sense of danger toward Japanese technology. This experience made me think I have to have ambition all the time and look ahead to contribute to development of technology in my own nation as a future engineer.