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Mohammed ahmed

Home country


Internship city and country

Leoben , Austria

Internship employer

MONTANUNIVERSIT√ĄT LEOBEN. Chair of department of petroleum

University study field

Petroleum Engineering

Year of internship


Internship length

7 weeks


During my training I was studying the topic of drilling oil wells and controlling gases to prevent explosion. I also studied about the mud and its components and its importance in drilling oil wells.Before i finish my training i was preparing for the lab of cement wells and there was a good benefit...

Img 20190910 130332+ +mohammed+ahmed


I was living in leoben in living campus and it was a beautiful city not crowded. Also it was so clean and a good dealing with other people and i enjoyed here a lot of. My dorm of living campus was very good and it was contain a lot of thing to do. In addition there was good dealing of employers of the living campous and thank you so much for them..


I learned how to work for along time and how to give interest of your time because i was studing in department of petroleum for 8 hours and the employers there thaught me a lot of thing....