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Martins Iyimide Adepeju

Home country


Internship city and country

Kiel , Germany

Internship employer

Kiel University

University study field


Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I was given a project to work on titled 'Synthesis of Silver (Ag) and Silver Bromide (AgBr) nanoparticles', Within the period of 12 weeks I was able to use three different synthesis method in determining the nanoparticles. Towards the end of my internship I also gave a presentation with respect to the result determined. I was introduced to new equipments and softwares which I was not aware of before or given opportunity to make use of as they are not available at my university. Also I was privileged to attend lectures and presentation from different people here which I gained knowledge from.

Kukg8123+ +iyimide+martins


My experience here was awesome, it being my first time in Germany, at first it was not easy to adapt at first due to language barrier and all and also the food as I was not used to them, with time I embraced the culture and started enjoying the healthy meals. I remember I lost my way during the first week I arrived, it was raining and people I approached did not understand English which made cry like a baby and then I had to use a taxi back home, remembering now is very funny. I learnt few German words also, I made friends during the Kiel weekend hosted by the IAESTE LC Kiel as I met people from different parts of the world. The accommodation prepared by my IAESTE buddy from the Kiel LC was great. My employer was more like a sister to me, she was able to advice me when I had issues. Also the people in my work group were very helping as went for lunch together they also assisted in telling how each of the meal tastes before selecting. I had a lot of fun times went sailing, went to the beach, a Brazilian concert also went for the Kieler woche which was amazing!


During the period of my internship I was given a view of what life is outside the walls of my university and also family. I started making choices and decision. I realised that I had to prepare for myself a better future no matter what. Also, I was inspired to continue in the line of research, I was also motivated to attain my PhD. after attending some PhD. defence and lectures.