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Maduabuchi Angus Modum

Home country


Internship city and country

Bremen, Germany

Internship employer

University of Bremen

University study field

Advanced Ceramics

Year of internship


Internship length

12 weeks


I did a research work on the topic MICROSTRUCTURAL INVESTIGATION OF OXIDE CERAMIC MATRIX COMPOSITES BY TWO-STEP SINTERING AND DOPING. While on the study and research, I was able to find out and prove the best methods of sintering composites among the Conventional and Two steps sintering methods and suitable dopants to be used.

Gg+ +modum+maduabuchi


I really had an awesome experience. At first, everything was new to me. The weather especially, the food, environment and so on. As time goes on, I adapted to a lot of things, met new people, wonderful ones I would say and then I ate any food at all, not selecting which to eat. I really had to live and relate which lots of people across the world and it is really a wonderful one. The German lifestyle is really a good one which I adapted to but still trying to learn more in the language as it will help me connect and socialize more with people. It is a wonderful experience .


I work with a lot of dedicated persons and this is really an inspiring one, everyone is willing to help at any time. I had to learn a lot very fast as I was committed to work and I worked with and mastered the use of a lot of machines which I never worked with before. I really had a lot of practical experiences whivh changed my view of studies, and inspired me to study and learn more to get to a greater height.